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Special 2008 Cad DTS

Special 2008 Cad DTS - leather, full power, V8, only 48,000 miles, $9,900. 412-734-0423 (dlr)

2017 Honda

2017 Honda Accord Sport - 4dr, 27k Good on gas, leather, Back up cam. $20,645. 800-706-4374 (dlr)

2013 Chevy Cruze

2013 Chevy Cruze Good on gas, clean Bluetooth. $8,745. 800-706-4374 (dlr)

About The Green Sheet

Serving Western Pennsylvania For Almost 60 Years

Our History

The Green Sheet is a local advertising newspaper which first began in 1889 as the "Bennet Star" and was later renamed as the "Valley Journal" around 1920. The Valley Journal was then sold to Milton Hammond and was once again renamed The Green Sheet and has been in the Hammond family since 1941. What seperated The Green Sheet from other competitors at the time was the that the paper was free to pick up at local stores, gas stations, banks, and other businesses, thus creating a high volume of loyal readers to this day. Our large circulation includes Allegheny county, Butler county, Armstong and Westmoreland County.

The Green Sheet got its name from using its distinct green paper which stood out in stores all across the region. Over time, the paper has altered in appearance for a more modern look with color. To this day The Green Sheet prints and distributes 36,000 newspapers per week to over 800+ locations in Western Pennsylvania. The year is 2016, and The Green Sheet is sticking with the niche that carved the pathway to sucess to begin with, Free. The Green Sheet's website now serves as a platform for users everywhere to buy and sell anything...for free. 

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